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November 24th 2020

W&E Notice Board

Latest News

posted 14th October 2020

the new website wymondhamandedmondthorpe.net now live

Latest Highways News

go here for uptodate news on parish roadworks

posted 18th November 2020

Glebe Road is to be closed on the 4th January 2021 for 4 days for road patching

posted 14th October 2020

temporary closure of Woodwell Head Lane on the 26th October 2020 for 21 days

Parish Council Meetings 2020 Past Minutes

Latest Agenda.....

Agenda for the Meeting 2nd November 2020
notice board

Parish Council Meetings 2021

  • Monday 4th January 2021
  • Monday 1st February 2021
  • Monday 1st March 2021
  • Tuesday April 6th 2021
  • Tuesday May 4th 2021 - Annual Meeting of Parish Council and Annual Parish Meeting
  • Monday June 7th 2021
  • Monday July 5th 2021
  • Monday August 2nd 2021
  • Monday September 6th 2021
  • Monday October 4th 2021
  • Monday November 1st 2021
  • Monday December 6th 2021

Parish Council Meetings 2020

  • Monday 6th January 2020
  • Monday 3rd February 2020
  • Monday 2nd March 2020
  • Monday April 6th
  • Monday May 5th 2020
  • Monday June 1st 2020
  • Monday June 22nd 2020
  • Monday July 6th 2020
  • Monday August 3rd 2020
  • Monday September 7th 2020
  • Monday October 5th 2020
  • Monday November 2nd 2020
  • Monday December 7th 2020

The Parish Council usually meets on the first Monday of the month.

Meetings usually begin at 19.30 hrs with an Open Forum at which any resident of the village may address the Council on matters affecting the community, but please note the Open Forum is not a decision making forum.The Council may only reach a decision on a matter which appears on the formal agenda for the meeting, so while the Councillors will be happy to listen to your concerns and provide any relevant information, any issue requiring a decision may have to be placed on the agenda of a future meeting.

Formal Council Meetings will immediately follow the Open Forum discussion.

The Annual Parish Meeting

is an occasion for electors to raise any concerns they may have. They may wish to discuss parish affairs, make resolutions and vote but these are not legally binding for the Council. The Parish Meeting may pass resolutions on the public activities or policies in the parish of any local authority, public body, government department of public service provided that they affect the parish specially and are not such as are calculated to affect the whole country or all parishes. Electors may speak and vote.

The meeting must be held each year between 1st March and 1st June.

The Annual General Meeting

of the Parish Council can also be known as the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. It is held to elect the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, appoint representatives onto outside bodies, council sub-groups and approve the end of year accounts.

Minutes 2020

Meeting 5th October 2020 agenda    draft minutes

Meeting 7th September 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 3rd August 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 6th July 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 22nd June 2020 EGM agenda    minutes

Meeting 1st June 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 5th May 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 6th April 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 2nd March 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 3rd February 2020 agenda    minutes

Meeting 6th January 2020 agenda    minutes

Minutes 2019

Meeting 2nd December 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 4th November 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 7th October 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 3rd September 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 5th August 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 1st July July 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 3rd June 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 28th May 2019 APM agenda    minutes

Meeting 7th May 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 1st April 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 4th March 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 4th February 2019 agenda    minutes

Meeting 7th January 2019 agenda    minutes

For copies of Minutes and Agenda before 2019 please contact the Clerk

Wymondham & Edmondthorpe Parish Council 2020 vers 1       Accessibilty

Parish Council Meetings 2020 (Please contact the Clerk for attendance information)

Parish Council Meeting by Zoom. Monday November 2nd 2020

Parish Council Meeting by Zoom. Monday December 7th 2020

Parish Council Meetings 2021 to be announced soon...........